Expert Witnesses

The WDC Expert Witness information sharing service has been a popular and valuable tool for WDC members.

WDC will forward your request for expert witness information to our email list of members. This service is available to MEMBERS ONLY. Please complete the information form and submit it to WDC.

Requests can be circulated in two ways, either identified or unidentified. Identified requests will include your name, firm and email as the requesting party. For identified requests, responses can be sent directly to you by email or back to the office and circulated to the entire email list. Responses collected by the office will be compiled and sent to requesting party.

IMPORTANT: We are experiencing issues with our Expert Witness List Serv. For the time being, please submit your request by emailing . Thank you.

Expert Witness Request Form

Just a note, for those who are also DRI members, DRI offers an Expert Witness Database as a member benefit. DRI’s Expert Witness Database is a leading repository of expert witness information on the market today. With a growing database of over 65,000 plaintiff and defense experts, members enjoy exclusive access to a vast network of expert witness contact information and documents. Whether you are searching for an expert for use in a trial or conducting research on an expert you are facing, DRI’s Expert Witness Database provides the needed resources to build a winning defense.

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