Employment Law: A Foreword

WDC Journal Edition: Summer 2021
By: Elizabeth Rowicki, SECURA Insurance

This issue of the Wisconsin Civil Trial Journal is dedicated to providing an overview of employment law topics and trends. Whether you are new to employment law or an experienced employment practitioner, this issue will serve as a valuable resource and update. We will guide you through important employment laws, provide insight into best practices for the workplace, and explain the complaint and investigative processes. 


Recent current events, particularly the outbreak of COVID-19, created new workplace complications. It is believed that employers have not yet experienced the entirety of the predicted pandemic ramifications. This issue will explore emerging challenges facing employers in the era of COVID-19, including remote working accommodations and vaccination mandates.


The articles in this issue were authored by Members of the Wisconsin Defense Counsel’s Employment Law Committee and colleagues from their firms. As the Chair of the Employment Law Committee, I thank the authors for their hard work in preparing the articles and the Journal’s editor for his work in finalizing the articles for publication. I hope all who read this issue find the content helpful for understanding a practice area that is so important to our organization – Employment Law.