About WDC

Our Mission

Wisconsin Defense Counsel (WDC) is a statewide organization of attorneys dedicated to the defense of Wisconsin citizens and businesses, the maintenance of an equitable civil justice system, and the education of its members.


We live in a society characterized by a growing "see you in court" mentality. More and more disputes and claims for injury are resulting in civil lawsuits.

For every civil suit, there is a defendant or defendants on the receiving end of the action. For every person who claims money damages, there is a defendant who is being asked to pay those damages.

The defendant may be a small business owner, a corporation, your neighbor or you . . . with - or without - your insurance carrier.

The legal defense against these claims to which you and your property are entitled is summed up in the mission statement of the WDC.

Justice - A Delicate Balance

WDC's over 500 members firmly believe in the rights of the injured to be fairly compensated; equally they believe that the defendant's rights are crucial to the integrity of the court system. The defendants they represent, as well as their insurance carriers, must also receive fair and equal treatment under the law.

Our legal system can only be preserved when the fragile balance of impartial justice is maintained.

WDC members are advocates for the rights of people or businesses sued. Our primary role is to provide a professional defense for people and businesses involved in civil lawsuits.